Biotechnology and Life Sciences

McHale | Slavin's patent attorneys and agents blend years of practical experience in both the private sector and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which enables us to assist clients in developing innovative legal and business strategies structured around their intellectual properties.

Our expertise allows us to fully comprehend our client's innovations in a wide variety of biotechnology fields including immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, gene therapy, genomics, proteomics, microbiology, virology, biochemistry and plant sciences. We have worked with inventors and firms in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries in a multitude of disciplines including genetic engineering, immunology, microbiology, developmental biology, neurology, virology, gene therapy, gene regulation, transgenic animals and plants, genomics-based analysis and diagnosis, bioinformatics, small-molecule design, peptide analog design and synthesis, drug discovery, proteomics, and gene- and cell-based therapies.

Our IP professionals have the legal, scientific, and commercial business expertise to provide our clients with the representation they need. We provide the full range of IP services to our clients including: patent prosecution, opinions, nondisclosure agreements, licensing, due diligence, and all aspects of enforcement litigation. Contact us for additional information or to schedule a consultation.