Media and Entertainment

The media industry operates in a legal environment where many well settled, common, corporate or traditional business legal tenets simply do not apply. Without some degree of inside knowledge of the media industry, one can easily find the language, principles and practice of the media industry difficult to navigate.

We approach media, art, and entertainment matters from a pragmatic perspective, based on applied experience directly in these industries. We offer artists, entertainers and other media personnel the advantage of having actually worked and performed in the "trenches" of these industries. We represent internationally famous musical entertainers, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame® inductees, entertainment industry inside photographers, artists, broadcast and Internet television producers, and media "talent." We provide representation ranging from contract negotiation to licensing; resolving content ownership and copyright disputes to display and performance agreements.

Additionally, with the ongoing development of the digital age and the Internet, legal issues once unheard of, now present themselves almost daily. Our attorneys are accustomed to handling unexpected challenges presented by the intersection of traditional legal media & entertainment and developing modern digital issues.

McHale | Slavin's media and entertainment practice is led by a former career musical entertainer whose background includes musical directing, performance, recording, event coordination and talent booking, and music producing. We believe that our real-world practical industry experience sets us apart from other general intellectual property practices, allowing us to uniquely understand the issues facing clients in this field. Contact us for additional information or to schedule a consultation.